Surprise Pop each Month - Subscription

What are they?

Ever said, "I am not sure what pop to get," or "there are too many to chose from."?

Well, this subscription will solve that problem! 

Each and every month, after sign up, you will get a surprise randomly selected Funko Pop which will arrive at your door. No extra effort needed after sign up. 

What will you get?

There pops will range from vaulted, exclusives, new releases, comic con exclusives, 6 inches, commons and more which will be used for these boxes

Maybe even a rare grail every once in a while 

When will you get it?

Every month on the first you will be automatically charged. After this, we will ship the products out to you so you should get them within the first few days of each month

What is the Ultra 5 Surprise Pop Box?

Just like the other boxes you will get pops automatically delivered to your door each month. But instead of 1 pop, you will get 5. This means that you are getting each pop for HALF OF RETAIL PRICE. What a bargain. You will also be GUARANTEED at least 1 vaulted, exclusive,  comic con exclusive or 6 inch pop! You are guaranteed that 3 of them will be mint in box and the other 2 can either be in box mint, in box damaged or out of box. 







More specific details about the subscriptions 

Shipping - The shipping is included in the subscription price. This product cannot be combined with any other order or offer. 

Please select the right region for your box. E.G if you live in Wellington please select the "rest of NZ" box instead of the "AUK" box. The price difference is to account for a higher shipping cost which we have reduced as much as possible. 


Condition - The condition of the pops will be mint unless they are damaged and in that case, we will send you 2 pops. So you will receive ONE MINT pop or TWO DAMAGED pops

Cancellations - You can cancel your subscription at any point but cannot be refunded for any boxes which you have received or are in the process of being sent to you. You can cancel/change your subscription by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the "My Subscriptions" page and follow instructions from there. Please feel free to contact us for any assistance. 

Payment - Payment will be automatically debited when due. Boxes will not ship until payment has been received . You will be emailed if your payment method is declined.