How Pre Orders work


How do pre orders work at Collectibles City?


A product listed as a pre order will have an ETA (estimated time of arrival) listed in the description. This is an estimate and therefor can/will change. We have zero control on if the products arrive as scheduled. Changes to the ETA may be made without notice 


Some of our pre order products will have an option to place a deposit on the item. This means you can secure a pre order spot for the item while no paying fully until the item arrives. We will send you an email and an invoice when we know the product is on its way or has arrived. If the balance hasn't been paid within the expressed time frame then we will cancel your order and the deposit WILL NOT be refunded. 

Pre Order Reservations 

Pre order reservations are when we put a product up for pre order but require $0 upfront. Usually this is because either we are unsure of the allocation for the products or the ETA is unknown. 


If you wish to cancel a pre order please send us a message on facebook or send us an email ( If you made a deposit we will refund it if you cancel your order when the product is more than 2 weeks away*. If the product is less than 2 weeks away we will be unable to refund the deposit. If you made full payment we can refund you if the product is more than 2 weeks away but cannot cancel the pre order if the product is less than 2 weeks away. 

If we do not receive a product which has be put up for pre order, we will email you and refund you if applicable. 


*Some products cannot be canceled due to supplier commitments