How we will ship your orders

We take the upmost care when packing your orders and pride ourselves on delivering products safely. 

We ship our orders the way we would want to receive our collectibles 

For Collectors - By Collectors 


How we will ship your Funko Pops

ALL Funko Pops brought from us will ship in a 0.60mm protector (or better) to ensure that your Pops arrive to you safely. 

Not only that but we will use extreme amounts of bubble wrap or other protection to further more protect your incoming collectibles.


How we will ship your Hot Wheels

Your Hot Wheels will be shipped one of two ways

First way - for orders of 1-6 Hot Wheels

We will ship this in a post bag with your Hot Wheels bubble wrapped with strong cardboard either side to ensure the cards don't bend 

Second way - for orders of 6 or more Hot Wheels

We will ship this quantity in a box. We will still use extreme amount of bubble wrap and other protection to ensure your cars arrive safely. 


We also have a 7 day returns policy if your protect arrives damaged

See here - Refund policy 


If you have any other questions or concerns about how we ship our orders please contact us by emailing or messaging us on our Facebook Page