Sell your Hot Wheels collection to us

Sell your Hot Wheels collection to us

Why sell to us?

We will offer to buy your collection in full which will save you the hassle of selling 1 by 1 and shipping individually. 

What do we take?

We will buy collections with a range of cars included. 

  • Premiums
  • Mainlines
  • Sets
  • Exclusives 

We are not taking loose Hot Wheels

We are currently looking to buy collections with 150 or more Hot Wheels

But please contact us if you have any sized collection

How will we price your collection?

We will take into account the market value of your collection and what makes sense for us as a business to keep up with our low prices. 

We will also take into account condition and popularity of items in your collection 

Note - The price we offer for your collection will also include all shipping costs and material used (boxes, protection etc) to us in Auckland

The process 

After you have contacted us via the form below we will closely examine your collection and send though our price. 

Once a price has been agreed on you will organize shipping to us in Auckland. 

After we have received your collection we will closely look at it and make sure all  Hot Wheels are received and checked for damage or missing items. 

If everything checks out we will complete the sale and process your payment though bank transfer. 


If you have any questions feel free to contact us by sending an email to or message us on our Facebook Page