Coon Mobile - South Park - RC Mobile

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Coon Mobile - South Park - RC Mobile


Ubisoft presents the RC Coon Mobile, Cartman’s Coon-themed big wheel. This collectible is app-enabled, allowing it to turn freely, spin in place and move forward or backwards. The Coon’s personality comes to life with lines from the game!

Eric Cartman assumes his gritty crime-fighting alter ego known as The Coon and brings vigilante justice to South Park. 

The Coon and Friends need to work as a team to fight the chaos that grips the town. But a fracture in the group threatens their friendship… and The Coon’s billion-dollar franchise plans. Using the mighty Coon Mobile, The Coon rides into battle to defend his honor, ego and franchise.

  • Connecting to RC Coon Mobile with your Phone
  • Turn on Bluetooth and GPS within your phone settings
  • Allow the phone permission to use location
  • Allow the phone permission to use pop up notification
  • Turn on the RC Coon Mobile as instructed in the user manual
  • Open the South Park The Fractured but Whole RC Coon Mobile App on your phone
  • Select your RC Coon Mobile ID under the list of available devices
  • Follow the on screen instructions